Friday, July 10, 2009


I can hear the cries of cheating already. But, hey, if the dogs eat the dog food, it's got to be good. The reality is if the Trincas had any chunks of spare time in Rome this is where we headed (though we tried others, including the traditional upscale shopping area nearer the Spanish steps). The Pantheon's hood is officially defined by the Trinca family as follows: the Via del Corso to the East; the far side of the Piazza Navona to the West; Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to the South; and a straight line drawn west from the Column of Marcus Aurelius. Ok critics, some Trinca-wanna-bes may have already defined this area as "Centro Storico" but hey we consider ourselves to be the original discoverers.

This hood has it all: great sights, great people watching locations,art,shopping, and of course gelato. We especially loved checking the art at Piazza Navona, the stationary store near the Pantheon - Il Papiro, Aperitifs at either Piazza Navona or the Piazza de Rotonda, the Caravaggios at S Luigi del Francesi, finding all the Bernini fountains and statues hidden all over this area and so much more. Plan to spend lots of time getting lost in this hood.

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