Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ask my boys what they remember most about Italy and if there are no adults within ear shot who might report back to dad and Kim that it wasn't the art or the Roman ruins, they will no doubt go on for 20 minutes on -- drum roll please -- cars (Though, Italian women certainly will be a close second for Mason). As we walked along Rome's picturesque streets next to 2000 year old ruins or one of thousands great historical sites, the boys carried on a continuous dialog about the merits of Lamborghinis vs. Maseratis, FIATs vs. Audis.

It began the moment we stepped out of the airport. After a shaky "mi chiamo Harrison" and settling back in the "suicide seat" of Massimo's 5 seater mini-van/car/limo, the first thing that came out of my near-teen's mouth was "do you have a Ferrari?" Without breaking a smile, our hero replied, "yes but there would be no room for your luggage."

But it is not just the Italian go-fast cars that fascinate the boys, it's the wide array of rollers skate size cars -- here the mini is considered a mid-size! Mercades, Ford, Audi, Toyota and along with the usual list of Italian suspects all sell the cutest clown car wanna-bes. Harrison's favorite is so small that apparently you do not need to have it registered and you only have to be 14 to drive. It was at that point that Harrison decided that his heart belonged to Roma.

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