Monday, June 29, 2009


Sorry folks, while we are enjoying Italy, it is not an internet friendly place. Tonight, we have finally found a restaurant near our home which has wi-fi and most importantly for Mason attractive Italian waitresses (though daddy is also "sneaking" some looks).

Where do I start? First, flying to Europe is no fun. We had some near misses in Montreal -- were we supposed to pick up our luggage or not? were we supposed to go through customs? we ended up going outside of security, and someone lost for a while their boarding pass (Mrs. Trinca) Very few of us slept much on the European leg. Lots of movies and airplane food, while daddy madly studied his Italian (it hasn't helped). Upon landing, we waited and waited and waited and waited, but no luggage Finally, after what apparently was a long vino break on the part of our luggage handlers it floated out. Hurray! Customs took one look at us and figured the chances of us being terrorists was low, took pity on us, and waved us through without a second look.

Outside, our angel: Massimo -- a gentle, northern Italian with a "large" car. Our luggage safely on board, we headed off to for an early Sunday morning car tour of Roma.

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  1. Glad to know you are safely on the ground. Its Tues Morn here am off to see gramma b for breakfast.